About Elegant Insights 

Hi!  My name is Laura Legendary, and I am the unlikely entrepreneur behind the Elegant Insights Braille jewelry and accessories collection.  What makes me an unlikely entrepreneur?  For starters, I am a business owner who is blind.      

Elegant Insights products were inspired by a gift I received while struggling through an agonizing time in my life, the loss of my beloved husband, Billy.  Life is a journey consisting of many twists and turns, some of them painful and difficult to navigate.  So, for a bit of inspiration, I was given a tiny little talisman to help me keep moving forward.  It was a “worry stone,” with the word “survivor” engraved on one side, and to my surprise, the same word embossed in Braille on the other.  Right then and there, the light bulb went on over my head, and the entire concept of the Elegant Insights collection came to me in a single flash of inspiration.

Never one to ignore my intuition or neglect an insight, I set about the task of finding a manufacturer to assist me in bringing my ideas to life.  The search began in August, 2009, lasting nearly two years.
At first, I sought a manufacturer already mass-producing Braille jewelry.  I looked everywhere, including out-of-country options, and realized that there was no such animal.  Besides, I really wanted to find a manufacturer in the USA, since I am a flag-waving maniac, after all.
What I found instead of a large, existing jewelry production outfit was a handful of artisans who made Braille jewelry products on a small scale.  They utilized a number of fascinating techniques to make their products.  Some used bead-setting, some used metal casting, some used stamping, some used embroidery or other needlework techniques.  I even found one company that used diamonds as the Braille dots!  All were beautiful. 

I soon realized that no single technique would be sufficient for my product line. 

Unable to find a ready-made resource, I considered several small suppliers, then decided to assemble my own team who would apply their creative energy to “catch the vision,” and create the quality jewelry and accessories I wanted to offer.  I am so proud of the Elegant Insights team, and I know you’ll love their genius.    
Thank you for taking the time to read about Elegant Insights!