Spring Fling Purse Charm

Photo of the Spring Fling Purse Charm, full view
Close-up photo of the Spring Fling Purse Charm
At Elegant Insights, we love our beautiful natural world, and we’ve captured our favorite elements of the outdoors in our Spring Fling purse charm! Hanging from our large trigger clip, which attaches to the hardware on your handbag is a length of chain decorated with a cascade of treasures that coordinate with every item in our Touch of Nature collection. Pastel beads of blue and white will mix with the Butterfly Dreams Necklace and Earrings Set, and the mint green and pale pink will pull out the same shades in our Sunny Skies necklace. Finally, the critters and crystals, beads and butterflies, flowers and leaves will match all the charms on our Butterfly Garden charm bracelet. But best of all, hovering at the bottom of this adorable purse charm is a pudgy little bird, with an extra flourish of beads at her tail, embossed with the word “chirp” in grade 2 Braille. This one is a must-have! Overall length, approx 6 inches. Bird charm, approx 1″ wide. Trigger clip opens to about 1/2″ wide.


Zippity-Do-Dot Zipper Pulls Set

Photo of brass zipper pull on zipper

Zippity-Do-Dot Zipper Pulls Set

Photo of brass disc zipper pull

Zippity-Do-Dot Zipper Pulls Set

Here’s how to wear our pretty Braille embossed charms in a way other than as a piece of jewelry. Zipper pulls! We offer sets of two, one set in brass with a gold tone clasp, and a set of two in aluminum with a silver tone clasp. Each charm is attached to the clasp with a ring, and they are strong enough to be used as pulls for zippers on jackets, backpacks, baby bags, purses, or just about anywhere. The clasp snaps through the hole at the end of a typical metal zipper, making it easier to grab, and lending a sweet sense of style to whatever you attach them to. The gold tone/brass sets are already embossed, but the aluminum sets are completely blank, ready for personalization. The charms are all about 1 inch at the widest point, and we can fit 4 Braille cells on each. If you select the custom option, be sure to fill in the edit field with your preferred word or initials. What a great “just because,,” gift or treat for your favorite Braille reader. We love these fun zipper pulls! Choose from the options below, as follows:

Goldtone/brass sets:
Butterfly/flower, Braille embossed with “dream/cherish”
Heart/heart, Braille embossed with “always/forever”
Leaf/leaf, Braille embossed with “spirit/hope”
Guitar pick/star, Braille embossed with “rock/star”

Silvertone/aluminum sets: Please specify up to 4 letters
Guitar pick/guitar pick
Steel mini dog tag/steel mini dog tag

$20.00 set of two

Charmed by the Seasons 4-piece Cane Charms set

Do you celebrate the arrival of each new season? Do you change your home decor to reflect each new time of year? Now you can embrace the seasons with a cane charm for spring, summer, winter, and fall! Our Charmed By The Seasons 4-piece cane charms set showcases iconic themes for all four seasons. Each cane charm features a small clip that attaches to the cord of your mobility cane, a short length of embellished chain, and a Braille embossed charm at the bottom. Overall length approx. 4and 1/2 to 5 inches, bottom charm width approx. 1 inch. You’ll receive all four charms, as follows:

Fall: Embellished with 2 small leaves, 3 autumn toned beads, 1 maple leaf, Braille embossed with “cherish.”
Winter: Embellished with 2 snowflakes, 3 white beads, 1 aluminum disc, Braille embossed with “let it snow.”
Spring: Embellished with 2 baby butterflies, 3 spring pastel colored beads, 1 brass flower, Braille embossed with “dream.”
Summer: Embellished with 2 baby flowers, 3 bright colored beads, 1 brass sun, Braille embossed with “shine.”
Individually, our Vane Cane Mobility Cane Charms sell for $15 each, but this set is just $54!

Close-up photo of Fall themed mobility cane charm, with deep green and burgundy beads, small copper leaves and brass maple leaf embossed with "cherish"
Close-up photo of Winter themed mobility cane charm, with two silvery snowflakes, white beads, and an aluminum disc embossed with "let it snow"
Close-up photo of Spring themed mobility cane charm, with 2 brass baby butterflies, pastel pink and lavender beads, brass flower embossed with "dream"
Close-up photo of Summer themed mobility cane charm, with tiny aluminum hearts, blue and white beads, and a brass sun embossed with "shine"
Photo of complete 4-piece Charmed by the Seasons Set

$54.00 for set of 4

Coming soon! Charmed by the Holidays 4-piece Cane Charms set

Holidays are great opportunities to celebrate life, even if only in a small way. Our Charmed by the Holidays 4-piece Cane Charms set is a fun way to decorate your white mobility cane to reflect your holiday spirit! You’ll get a cane charm themed to match four different holidays. Each cane charm features a small clip that attaches to the cord of your mobility cane, a short length of embellished chain, and a Braille embossed charm at the bottom. Overall length approx. 4and 1/2 to 5 inches, bottom charm width approx. 1 inch. You’ll receive all four charms, as follows:

Halloween: Embellished with 1 Halloween charm, 3 orange/black beads, 1 bat charm, Braille embossed with “boo.”
Christmas: Embellished with 1 holiday charm, 3 tiny bells, 1 aluminum disc, Braille embossed with “ho ho ho.”
Valentine’s Day: Embellished with 2 baby heart charms, 3 pastel beads, heart charm, Braille embossed with “love.”
Fourth of July: Embellished with 1 Patriotic charm, red, white, blue beads, aluminum tag, Braille embossed with “USA.”

Note: This item is not yet available via the shopping cart. Until we get photos and add the item to our inventory, please use the accessible contact form on the home page to inquire about this item. Price: $50.00 for the set of 4.

The Vain Cane Mobility Cane Charm

Photo of copper guitar pick cane charm embellished with baby stars, and copper butterfly cane charm embellished with beads.
Photo of some of the non-embellished choices, copper and brass star, steel and white mini dog tags, copper disc.
Haute couture for your favorite traveling companion. Attach them to the cord for a fun flash of style. Why should you be the only one to wear jewelry? Our charms make a cool sound while you tap. Wear them loud, wear them proud! We offer pretty embellishments or a gender-neutral version, so choose a design that reflects your personal style. Every cane can be well-accessorized! At the top, a small swivel clip attaches the charm to the cord, the Braille embossed charm hangs from a short length of steel chain. the charm can be hung from the loop end of your cane, or, if the knot at the top of the handle grip can be loosened a bit, you can attach the charm there. the clip opens inward, like a caribiner, and it’s meant to be a snug fit. You can choose from a variety of charm shapes, including heart, guitar pick, butterfly, disk and more. We add a touch of bead or charm embellishment to some styles, distributed along the chain, leave others plain. Whether you want lots of bling or want to make a simple statement, our cane charms are not only decorative and fun, but are a great way to identify your cane from among others. Overall length,approximately 4-1/2 to 5 inches. Choose charm in brass, copper, or steel, in either embellished or gender-neutral styles. Since all of our products are hand-crafted, no two will be identical.

$15.00 each

Decanter Enchanter Wine Bottle/Decanter Plaques

Photo of Decanter plaques.
Elevate the look (and feel!) of your home bar with our elegant decanter charms. We offer them already embossed with the most popular varieties of red and white wines. Set out a model bottle adorned with these classy identifiers. You can choose brass plaques embossed with white wine varieties, copper plaques for red wines. Make identification easier with our brass and copper decanter charms. Rectangular plaques, approx. 2 inches long, chain, approx. 4 inches long, no clasp. Simply slip them over the neck of a bottle or decanter. You’ll get a set of three. Please note that in all cases where possible, we use Grade 2 Braille. Since many of the varietal names are long, we also abbreviated, or removed a space.
Brass plaques embossed as follows: Chardonnay, Pinot Gris, Riesling. Copper plaques embossed as follows: Merlot, Pinot noir, Cab sauv.

$65.00 for a set of three

Sublime Vine Stemware Charms

Photo of set of 6 heart stemware charms.
Photo of set of 6 disc stemware charms.
Throwing a dinner party? Get our set of six wine glass charms, and make it easy for everyone to identify their own glass. Each charm is both visually and tactually distinct, so no worries about mixing up drink glasses on a coffee table, or wondering if the glass sitting next to you is yours, or one left behind by another party guest! Present the charm along with a favorite libation, as your guests arrive, and invite your guests to keep the charms as a party favor. Choose from hearts, maple leaves, or discs in a combination of brass and copper, or a patriotic themed set in all aluminum. A small ring with a hook and loop closure wraps around the stem of a wine glass, and is embellished with seed beads and contrasting metal accents, and of course, our Braille charms. Hearts are embossed with love, hope, dream, truth, trust, and cherish. Discs are embossed with peace, faith, reach, laugh, rejoice, and breathe. Leaves are embossed with giving, joyful, shine, serenity, always, and forever. The Americana set is embossed with spirit, united, one nation, USA, justice, and free. We use Grade 2 Braille where necessary to save space.

$65.00 for a set of six

Spot-On Luggage Tag

Our jumbo dog tag is about 1/3 larger in both length and width as our standard-sized Spot-On Dog Tag. This tag makes for a perfect luggage tag or identifier for almost any purpose when you need more cells and more lines of text. We can emboss up to 4 lines of up to 9 Braille cells per line. Available in stainless steel only. Choose a split ring on which to hang your keys, a 24 inch steel ball chain for a necklace, a short 4 inch ball chain for luggage, or a clip for just about anything else. Our jumbo tag is a perfect problem-solver!

$25.00 each

Mark Your Spot custom Bookmark

Photo of 2 line bookmark, this one embossed with a quote by Mark Twain.
Make a special gift even more unique with customization! Create a meaningful message in either brass or copper. We’ll emboss 2 lines of up to 19 Braille cells for a gift that is sophisticated and personal. Consider using Grade 2 Braille to conserve space, and don’t forget to include punctuation, spaces, or any special characters such as the numbers sign or capital letter dot six.

$30.00 each

Touch of Metallic Purse Charm

Photo of goldtones purse charm
Photo of gunmetal purse charm
Photo of silvertones purse charm
Do you love to add girly bling to your bag? Our fun metal purse charms have the Elegant Insights tactile touch. We use jewelry chain and upscale clasps that look fabulously fashionable, yet are easy to remove for using on another handbag. With metal colors to match most purse hardware, we know you’ll love to collect our very pretty purse charms. We use Swarovsky (TM) pearl beads, glittering aluminum, hematite, opaque gemstone, and brass beads, charms, crystals and textured embellishments for sparkle and shine.

Choose silvertone with a shiny silver tone clasp, cool-toned platinum and white beads and embellishments, gunmetal with a gunmetal clasp, deep gray and hematite beads and embellishments, or gold/brass with a gold tone clasp, bright gold-toned pearl and white beads and embellishments. Charms include: Gold tones version, brass butterfly embossed with “hope,” or brass heart embossed with “love,” aluminum disc embossed with “laugh,” for the gunmetal choice, or, for the cool silver tones choice, a mini dog tag in stainless steel embossed with “truth,” or in white, embossed with “diva.” Charm, approx. 1 inch. Overall length is approximately 6 inches.

$25.00 each