The Love Always and Forever Set

Photo of brass/lavender set, necklace, bracelet, and earrings
Photo of the aluminum and blue agate variation, all three pieces
Photo of the copper and rose quartz variation of Love Always and Forever set
A jewelry vignette that tells the story of your love! In Part One, you declare your ardor with our beautiful heart pendant that says “I love you,” in grade 2 braille. The necklace features a cluster of opaque gems and metal accents that cascade from the toggle clasp, right up front, setting off the gleaming heart charm. In Part 2, you solidify the sentiment by decorating her with our dangle heart earrings that promise “always,” in contracted braille on one earring, and “forever,” in contracted braille on the other. The earrings coordinate with the pendant, as they feature the same semi-precious gems, adding movement and color right next to her beautiful face. Finally, you’ll wrap up the saga with a stunning bead dangle charm bracelet that wraps around her wrist to remind her you will love her always. Opaque gemstone beads make a colorful fringe all along the length of the chain, with a heart charm at one end, embossed with “always” in grade 2 braille. Secures with a toggle clasp. The conclusion? It’s definitely a match made in heaven! The bracelet is only available in this set, so when you want the “wow” gift that says it all, this is the one to get. Available in three different color stories: Brass with lavender mountain jade beads and brass accents, copper with rose quartz beads and copper accents, and aluminum with blue agate beads and hematite accents. Necklace, approx 18 inches long, approx 20 inches overall including the pendant and toggle clasp, which is worn in front. Pendant, approx 1-1/3 inches at the widest point. Earrings feature a stainless steel, hypo-allergenic leverback closure, and are approx 1-1/4 inches long. Charm, approx 1 inch wide. Bracelet, approx 7-1/2 inches long overall, charm, approx 1 inch wide.

$125.00 for all three

Butterfly Garden Charm Bracelet

Photo of Butterfly Garden Charm Bracelet
Everything you love about springtime wrapped around your wrist. Butterflies, flowers, leaves, dewdrops, blue and white faux pearl beads and crystal embellishments make a joyful noise as you move. Celebrate a spring thing with this sweet charm bracelet. overall length, approx 7 inches, brass chain, brass toggle clasp. Charms vary from about 1/4 inch to 1 inch.

$75.00 each

The Instant message ID Bracelet

Photo of all 3 choices, here, the brass and aluminum/steel options are left blank, the copper bracelet is embossed with "strength."
Tell us what you want to say, and we’ll place your message on a classic, ID style plaque. Choose all brass, all copper, or steel chain with aluminum plaque. We can fit 6 cells on the ID tag, we’ll use Grade 2 Braille to save space, if needed. Brass plaque with brass chain and toggle clasp, copper plaque with copper chain and toggle clasp, aluminum plaque with stainless steel chain and toggle clasp. Chain, approx. 4mm wide, plaque approx. 1-3/4 inches long by approx 1/2 inch wide. Fits an average wrist, overall length is about 7 inches long. A simple design, but with the Elegant Insights tactile touch!

$40.00 each

Initial Charm Bracelet

Photo of all three bracelet choices
Made to match the necklaces, we’ll Braille emboss 3 letters on a single charm, hanging from the toggle clasp. Cable chain, approximately 4mm wide, overall length, about 7 inches long. Choose copper heart, brass star, or stainless steel with mini dog tag.

$25.00 each

The Scattered Leaves Charm Bracelet

Scattered Leaves charm bracelet
This stunning charm bracelet matches all of the items in the falling in Leaf collection. Dangling from a bold copper cable chain is a musical-sounding “fringe” of copper and brass leaves, acorns, shiny brass beads, burnished brass pine cones, and a mix of deep green and burgundy pearl beads. Every inch of this bracelet is a spectacular cornucopia of autumnal goodness. No embossing here, unless by special request. Bracelet, approx. 7-1/2 inches long, 8.9mm copper cable chain, toggle clasp.

$75.00 each

The Really Motivating Cuff

Side close-up photo
Cuff bracelet close-up (Conceive, Believe, Achieve)
Cuff bracelet trio (Conceive, Believe, Achieve)
Our cuff bracelet shows off the contrast of a Braille embossed copper plaque set against a brass base. The plaque is riveted onto the cuff with contrast rivets, creating an upscale mixed-metals look. We’ve embossed “conceive, believe, achieve,” in Grade 2
Braille, from one end of the cuff to the other. It’s spectacular. Cuff, approximately 1 inch wide at widest point. Fits average size wrist. Due to the construction of this piece, we do not recommend it if you have a larger wrist, as bending the cuff to adjust the fit may damage the bracelet.

$75.00 each

The Conversation Hearts Bracelet

Photo of Conversation Hearts Bracelet

Conversation Hearts bracelet
Remember those sweet candy hearts we loved at Valentine’s Day when we were kids? Our mixed metals charm bracelet features five heart-shaped charms, each with a little love note. Sayings include, “Kiss me,” “I’m yours,” “Love you” and others. Or, suggest your own. Features 8.9mm bold cable chain and pastel shades of rose quartz and lavender jade beads, and white Swarovski ™ pearl beads Mixed copper and brass charms, each approx 1.3 inches wide at widest point. This bracelet is a big, bold statement, not for those who prefer demure jewelry!

$75.00 each