Butterfly Dreams Necklace and Earrings Set

Photo of Butterfly Dreams Set with necklace and earrings.
Our butterfly will alight on your neck and a tiny matched pair will adorn your ears. We have embossed the pendant with “Dream,” in Grade 2 Braille. This beautiful brass “lepidotera” (sorry for the bad pun, can’t help myself) makes a perfect gift that can be both sentimental as well as spiritual. For the necklace, we use a bright brass cable chain, and pretty pastel blue and white gem and Swarovski ™ crystals and pearl bead embellishments. The butterfly floats from the toggle clasp, worn in front. Earrings, hypo-allergenic stainless steel ear wires, with blue beads and crystals to match the necklace.

$70.00 for the set

Heart and Soul Earrings

Photo of Heart and Soul Earrings
Similar to our “Always and Forever” earrings, these pretty geometric hearts feature the word “heart” on one earring, “soul” on the other, embossed in Grade 2 Braille. One of the choices showcases the contrast of copper and brass, as the embossed charms are in copper, and hanging alongside, a tiny brass padlock and key charm. The other choice is all one metal tone, with both heart and padlock and key charms in bright, shiny brass. Hearts, approximately 1 inch wide, earrings overall length about 1-1/2 inches.

$25.00 pair

Falling Leaves Earrings

Photo of Falling Leaves Dangle Earrings
Autumnal warmth that will bring a glow to your skin. Wear these earrings to match either necklace in the Falling in Leaf collection. Dangling from a pair of hypo-allergenic ear wires is a copper maple leaf and a little cascade of acorn and pine cone charms. For color, we add autumn green and burgundy beads. No embossing on these earrings, unless by special request.

$30.00 pair

Sweet Nectar Earrings

Photo of Sweet Nectar leverback earrings
These adorable dangle earrings feature baby butterflies, flowers, leaves and crystal morning dewdrops for a bit of sparkle. These sweet charm earring dangles are a breath of spring. We use a mix of metals including a copper leaf, brass butterfly, aluminum flower, and Swarovski ™ crystal dewdrops. We’ve updated our design with a stainless steel, non-allergenic leverback earring finding, with the tiniest flower adorning the front. Earrings, approximately 2 inches long. No Braille on these.

$35.00 pair

The Always and Forever Earrings

Photo of copper heart earrings with rose quartz beads.
Photo of all three choices, Always and Forever earrings, side by side

These unique earrings feature the word “always,” embossed in Grade 2 Braille, on one earring, and the word “forever,” embossed in Grade 2 Braille on the other. These earrings were inspired by a famous painting that depicted a woman seated in front of her vanity mirror, wearing mismatched earrings. These hearts are our “Tiffany style,” with the arch joining the shoulders of the heart. You can choose from three different colorways, now available in aluminum heart charms with blue agate beads, and our classic brass heart charms with lavender jade beads, or copper heart charms with rose quartz beads.

$25.00 pair