The Sunny Skies Necklace

Photo of the Sunny Skies Necklace, full view
Close-up photo of the Sunny Skies pendant, charms and embellishments, toggle clasp, and brass sun
You’ll feel the warmth of the sun on your skin when you wear our Sunny Skies necklace. A shiny brass cable chain, enhanced with bead stations, closes with a toggle clasp, worn in front. Hanging from the toggle is a cluster of tiny mixed-metal charms including a flower, a tiny leaf, a baby butterfly, and faux pearl beads in pastels of pink, blue, white, and mint green. The focal point is a bright brass sun charm that will remind you to “shine,” in grade 2 Braille. Such a sweet, happy necklace to give or get. Brass cable chain, approx. 18″ long, pendant drop approx 2 inches long. Charms vary from 1/2 to 1 inch wide.


The Techlace

Photo of the Techlace
This is the Elegant Insights version of wearable technology! It’s a piece of jewelry that can be worn by both men and women that also happens to sport a USB flash drive! The necklace chain is a large, heavy, tightly linked stainless steel cable chain that is diamond cut for sparkle. Hanging from the toggle clasp, worn in front, is a steel mini dog tag embossed with your choice of words which, if you like, can identify what might be contained on the drive, such as “docs,” or “code.” Or, choose fun techie words like “geek,” or “gamer,” or simply, “tech.” We can also custom emboss a 4 cell word if you prefer. Alongside the Braille embossed tag is a tiny, functioning 8 GB USB flash drive. It looks like a charm, it blends right into the design, as it has a shiny steel finish. The drive is so small you would be hard-pressed to imagine it a piece of tech, as it looks like a silver-toned postage stamp, it is that small. The tag and the flash drive are connected, and both hang from the toggle clasp. The entire pendant is removable so that you can use the drive without removing the necklace. When you have finished with the drive, what better place to keep it safe than around your neck? Simply clip the drive and tag back onto the toggle ring, and await the compliments. It’s a necklace, it’s a bit of tech…We call it the Techlace! Can you stand it? Available in an 18 or 22 inch chain length, overall length with pendant is approximately 20 or 24 inches, respectively.

$75.00 each

The I “heart” Braille necklace

Photo of the I "heart" Braille Necklace
Show your love of Braille, as well as your support for Braille literacy, with this “form follows function” design. A large copper medallion pendant hangs from the copper toggle clasp, worn in front. The pendant features a contrasting brass heart, riveted onto the disc, representing the word “love,” completing the “I ‘heart’ Braille” message, embossed in Grade 2 Braille. Copper cable chain, about 5.9mm wide, 18 inches long. Overall length with pendant about 20 inches. Round pendant, approx. 1 and 1/2 inches wide. The perfect gift for your favorite Braille reader!

$50.00 each

Butterfly Dreams Necklace and Earrings Set

Photo of Butterfly Dreams Set with necklace and earrings.
Our butterfly will alight on your neck and a tiny matched pair will adorn your ears. We have embossed the pendant with “Dream,” in Grade 2 Braille. This beautiful brass “lepidotera” (sorry for the bad pun, can’t help myself) makes a perfect gift that can be both sentimental as well as spiritual. For the necklace, we use a bright brass cable chain, and pretty pastel blue and white gem and Swarovski ™ crystals and pearl bead embellishments. The butterfly floats from the toggle clasp, worn in front. Earrings, hypo-allergenic stainless steel ear wires, with blue beads and crystals to match the necklace.

$70.00 for the set

Spot-On Luggage Tag

Our jumbo dog tag is about 1/3 larger in both length and width as our standard-sized Spot-On Dog Tag. This tag makes for a perfect luggage tag or identifier for almost any purpose when you need more cells and more lines of text. We can emboss up to 4 lines of up to 9 Braille cells per line. Available in stainless steel only. Choose a split ring on which to hang your keys, a 24 inch steel ball chain for a necklace, a short 4 inch ball chain for luggage, or a clip for just about anything else. Our jumbo tag is a perfect problem-solver!

$25.00 each

The Attitude of Gratitude Necklace

Photo of the Attitude of Gratitude necklace.
Close up photo of center maple leaf with embossing.
This incredible necklace features a cascade of falling leaves in varying types along the length of a heavy copper cable chain. Brass and copper maple and oak leaves are set off by the rich tones of fall in deep green and burgundy pearl beads, finished off with a large maple leaf pendant as the centerpiece, embossed in Grade 2 Braille. It’s a work of art, and no two will be identical. It is a plaque style necklace, which means that all of the focals are in line with the chain. This necklace is a showpiece and will be your favorite, especially if autumn is a favorite time of year. There are several embossing options to choose from. We love the word “gratitude,” but we can only make it fit if we use an “illegal” insertion of the contraction, “it,” in the middle of the word. This is an improper use of this contraction, of course, so if this upsets your “authentic Braille only” sensibilities, we understand. Instead, you can opt for “grateful,” or “blessed.” Copper cable chain, approx. 8.9mm wide, necklace, about 22 inches long. Toggle clasp.

$99.00 each

Spot-On Dog Tags

Photo of steel dog tag with split ring
Photo of three dog tag necklaces, various metals.
You will love the Elegant Insights version of a dog tag. Ours are standard “military issue” size, and feature a rolled edge, available in either embellished or plain styles. You can choose from three metals, and we can emboss up to 2 lines, with up to 7 Braille characters per line. We love dog tags, because there are so many creative ways you can use them. What would you like us to make for you? We can create your tag with your choice of caribiner clip, split ring, or ball chain for almost any purpose you can imagine. Dog tags are usually used as ID tags, but you can have yours custom embossed in Braille with your name, web site or company name, or even your Twitter @name! Have an upcoming business event? We can “brand” your tag with your company or non-profit info. Use them for fundraising, thank-you gifts or give-aways at conferences or company meetings.

Want a more elegant way to identify your keys, book bag, laptop case or baby bag? Choose our Spot-on metal tags with a caribiner clip to securely label your belongings, and do it with class and style. Standard sized dog tags will accommodate two lines of seven Braille cells. Spaces, punctuation, and special characters such as the capital letter dot or numbers sign must be included in the character count. Consider using Grade 2 Braille to save space! Choose from shiny brass, copper, or stainless steel. Need more space? We also offer a jumbo tag! Check out our “Spot-On Luggage Tag,” if you need more “real estate” for your custom sentiment.


Initial Charm Necklace

Photo of all three necklaces
A simple cable chain with a single charm in your choice of shapes. Toggle closure, worn in front, for easy, frustration-free wear. You can put it on by yourself! Choose up to three Braille letters to spell out a name, like “Amy,” or your three letter monogram. Choose copper heart on copper chain, brass star with brass chain, or stainless steel mini dog tag on steel chain. Length, approx. 18 inches. Chain width, approx. 4mm. Charms, each approx 1 inch at widest point.

$35.00 each

Autumn Abundance Necklace

Photo of Autumn Abundance necklace, full view with chain and focals

Close-up photo of Autumn Abundance necklace toggle and charms
This gorgeous necklace features a plethora of iconic autumnal charms, all cascading from the toggle clasp, worn in front. Bead stations along the chain add color and sparkle, and our signature “waterfall” of charms are a visual and textural feast. The largest charm is a long, slender leaf embossed with “abundance” in Grade 2 Braille. We add deep green and burgundy wine beads for the perfect touch of fall color. Chain, approximately 18″ long, 5.9mm wide. Copper toggle clasp. Overall length, from toggle is about 2 inches.

$75.00 each

The “I Love You” Necklace

Photo of 5 necklaces
Photo of heart pendant in aluminum, close up to show off our crisp, readable, Braille! Photo of all three I Love You necklace choices, hanging together >
When you don’t know what else to say, this necklace does all the talking. With “I love you” embossed in Grade 2 Braille on a large heart pendant, this necklace says it all. The pendant is approximately 1.3 inches wide at the widest point, and you can choose a brass heart with lavender jade beads, a copper heart with rose quartz beads, or our newest addition, a stainless steel chain with an aluminum heart and blue agate beads. the toggle is worn in front, and the pendant along with our signature cascade of beads and embellishments hang from the toggle ring. Copper chain, about 18 inches long, 5.9mm wide.