Jewelry 911 Emergency Kit

No matter the size of your jewelry collection, whether you wear the same pieces every day or change up your jewelry to match your mood, it’s likely you’ve experienced a jewelry emergency. It can be stressful when you lose an earring back, break a chain, or realize while on the go that your favorite pendant or ring could use a shot of shine. We’ve got a solution! Introducing Jewelry 911. It’s your portable jewelry help center when you need a quick jewelry repair. this hand-curated kit features a selection of jewelry first aid supplies for life’s little emergencies, all packaged in a tiny metal tin that’s perfect to carry in your purse, or toss in your suitcase.

What you get:

1: Extra earring backs. Do you already have a pair of earrings at home from which you’ve scavenged an earring back, because you dropped one when dressing in a hurry? Ever got your hair caught in your earrings, and accidentally pulled off an earring back that went flying? Well, you can crawl around on the floor looking for it, poke through the debris in your vacuum cleaner bag (ugh), or, you can keep an extra set of our hypo-allergenic steel butterfly clutch style earring backs on hand. You’ll get two pairs.

2: Rubber stoppers for French wires. Love your wire shepherd’s hook earrings, but afraid you’ll lose one? Want to wear them more often, but need to feel confident you won’t be asked, “hey, what happened to your other earring?” Use these tiny little security backs and never lose another earring. You’ll get stoppers to slip over the wires of 4 pairs of earrings.

3: Comfort pads for multiple earring styles. Mostly, these silicone pads are used for clip earrings, to make them more comfortable, if your clips pinch your earlobe, but we’ve found multiple uses for them. The silicone discs are actually tiny pockets that can be slipped over the end of the clip back, which adds a bit of padding when the clips are pressed against your ear lobe. Or, you can pierce the discs with an earring post and use it as a stabilizer for heavier earrings, so that the earrings face forward, and hang correctly, even if you have a piercing that has stretched out. They can also be used on Omega clip backs, or as a bit of padding between a regular earring back and your earlobe. Don’t think you can use them? Give them to a friend who wears clip earrings. She’ll be forever in your debt. You’ll get 2 pairs.

4: Cleaning cloths. Keep your silver, brass or copper shiny on the go with these dry polishing cloths. You’ll get two 2-inch square cloths, tucked into a zip-top plastic bag.

5: Alcohol wipes. Keep your earrings and the skin around your piercings clean with these individually-wrapped wipes. Use them to sanitize the posts before inserting your earrings, or to clean them before storage. Note: Alcohol wipes are not meant to be used as general jewelry cleaner. Never use harsh chemicals to clean your jewelry! Do not use on pearls, gemstones, or metal surfaces…just the earring posts, backs, or wires. Use them anywhere you have a piercing, or just to keep your hands clean when handling your jewelry. You’ll get 4 wipes.

6: Tarnish protection papers. tuck these little 1-inch paper tabs into a plastic bag or airtight storage container to help keep your already shiny jewelry items from oxidizing. The paper tabs effectively slow the process by absorbing the compounds that cause tarnish. They won’t prevent tarnish forever, but they really work, and are great for traveling or for keeping your favorite metal jewelry and accessories gleaming longer. You’ll get four tabs.

7: Chain extenders. Ever put on a necklace and realized the length isn’t appropriate for the neckline of the top you’re wearing? Or, want to wear a well-loved chain from years ago, but want to be able to adjust the length? Have a bracelet that you just adore, but is getting a bit too tight? Ever been out and about, and felt a chain or clasp give way? Our chain extenders are fabulous, because they are customizable. Each extender comes with a spring ring clasp on one end, and a jump ring on the other. You’ll get one four-inch length extender that is actually two pieces of chain connected by a small split ring that will allow you to adjust your necklace to whatever length you need. You’ll also get a tiny 1-inch extender for use on a bracelet, or you can attach it to the longer extender for a full five extra inches of necklace length. That means you can change a tight 16-inch necklace into a more comfortable 17, 18, or even 21 inch length! All of the connections are 8mm split rings, so you can take the extenders apart and reattach as desired. Our convertible chain extenders will give new life to your jewelry wardrobe. You’ll get 2 extenders in silvery stainless steel, tucked into one of our purple satin drawstring pouches.

8: Metal tin. This little round tin is perfect for keeping all of your Jewelry 911 essentials in one place, or you can use it as a travel jewelry box. It’s about 2 inches in diameter with a screw-top lid. It’s just big enough for a couple of your favorite pieces of jewelry, to keep close at hand when on the go.

Our Jewelry 911 kit includes just about everything you need to fix those little jewelry emergencies that can be so inconvenient when traveling or trying to pull an outfit together. Now you can wear your favorite statement earrings without the irritation and redness caused by a pinched earlobe, touch up a bit of tarnish when on the go, and add greater wearability to your current jewelry wardrobe with our convertible chain extenders. The kit includes 28 pieces in all, plus the tin to keep everything within reach. It’s your jewelry help center, and it’s the perfect gift for any jewelry lover!

Introductory price! Expires 2/1/18: $12.00 for 28 pc. set with tin