The Attitude of Gratitude Necklace

Photo of the Attitude of Gratitude necklace.
Close up photo of center maple leaf with embossing.
This incredible necklace features a cascade of falling leaves in varying types along the length of a heavy copper cable chain. Brass and copper maple and oak leaves are set off by the rich tones of fall in deep green and burgundy pearl beads, finished off with a large maple leaf pendant as the centerpiece, embossed in Grade 2 Braille. It’s a work of art, and no two will be identical. It is a plaque style necklace, which means that all of the focals are in line with the chain. This necklace is a showpiece and will be your favorite, especially if autumn is a favorite time of year. There are several embossing options to choose from. We love the word “gratitude,” but we can only make it fit if we use an “illegal” insertion of the contraction, “it,” in the middle of the word. This is an improper use of this contraction, of course, so if this upsets your “authentic Braille only” sensibilities, we understand. Instead, you can opt for “grateful,” or “blessed.” Copper cable chain, approx. 8.9mm wide, necklace, about 22 inches long. Toggle clasp.

$99.00 each

Autumn Abundance Necklace

Photo of Autumn Abundance necklace, full view with chain and focals

Close-up photo of Autumn Abundance necklace toggle and charms
This gorgeous necklace features a plethora of iconic autumnal charms, all cascading from the toggle clasp, worn in front. Bead stations along the chain add color and sparkle, and our signature “waterfall” of charms are a visual and textural feast. The largest charm is a long, slender leaf embossed with “abundance” in Grade 2 Braille. We add deep green and burgundy wine beads for the perfect touch of fall color. Chain, approximately 18″ long, 5.9mm wide. Copper toggle clasp. Overall length, from toggle is about 2 inches.

$75.00 each

Falling Leaves Purse Charm

Photo of Falling Leaves Purse Charm
This beautiful celebration of fall is a bit more elaborate than our typical purse charms. It showcases all of the icons of autumn, oak and maple leaves, pine cones, acorns, and rich warm colors of Swarovski ™ crystal pearl beads to perfectly complement our Falling in Leaf vignette. The large maple leaf charm at the bottom can be embossed with up to 6 Braille letters of your choice. Gold toned clasp clips over just about any purse hardware. All of the elements are visually stunning, but the sound they make as you move is as beautiful as the season itself. Approximately 6 inches long overall.

$35.00 each

Falling Leaves Earrings

Photo of Falling Leaves Dangle Earrings
Autumnal warmth that will bring a glow to your skin. Wear these earrings to match either necklace in the Falling in Leaf collection. Dangling from a pair of hypo-allergenic ear wires is a copper maple leaf and a little cascade of acorn and pine cone charms. For color, we add autumn green and burgundy beads. No embossing on these earrings, unless by special request.

$35.00 pair

The Scattered Leaves Charm Bracelet

Scattered Leaves charm bracelet
This stunning charm bracelet matches all of the items in the falling in Leaf collection. Dangling from a bold copper cable chain is a musical-sounding “fringe” of copper and brass leaves, acorns, shiny brass beads, burnished brass pine cones, and a mix of deep green and burgundy pearl beads. Every inch of this bracelet is a spectacular cornucopia of autumnal goodness. No embossing here, unless by special request. Bracelet, approx. 7-1/2 inches long, 8.9mm copper cable chain, toggle clasp.

$75.00 each