Decanter Enchanter Wine Bottle/Decanter Plaques

Photo of Decanter plaques.
Elevate the look (and feel!) of your home bar with our elegant decanter charms. We offer them already embossed with the most popular varieties of red and white wines. Set out a model bottle adorned with these classy identifiers. You can choose brass plaques embossed with white wine varieties, copper plaques for red wines. Make identification easier with our brass and copper decanter charms. Rectangular plaques, approx. 2 inches long, chain, approx. 4 inches long, no clasp. Simply slip them over the neck of a bottle or decanter. You’ll get a set of three. Please note that in all cases where possible, we use Grade 2 Braille. Since many of the varietal names are long, we also abbreviated, or removed a space.
Brass plaques embossed as follows: Chardonnay, Pinot Gris, Riesling. Copper plaques embossed as follows: Merlot, Pinot noir, Cab sauv.

$65.00 for a set of three

Sublime Vine Stemware Charms

Photo of set of 6 heart stemware charms.
Photo of set of 6 disc stemware charms.
Throwing a dinner party? Get our set of six wine glass charms, and make it easy for everyone to identify their own glass. Each charm is both visually and tactually distinct, so no worries about mixing up drink glasses on a coffee table, or wondering if the glass sitting next to you is yours, or one left behind by another party guest! Present the charm along with a favorite libation, as your guests arrive, and invite your guests to keep the charms as a party favor. Choose from hearts, maple leaves, or discs in a combination of brass and copper, or a patriotic themed set in all aluminum. A small ring with a hook and loop closure wraps around the stem of a wine glass, and is embellished with seed beads and contrasting metal accents, and of course, our Braille charms. Hearts are embossed with love, hope, dream, truth, trust, and cherish. Discs are embossed with peace, faith, reach, laugh, rejoice, and breathe. Leaves are embossed with giving, joyful, shine, serenity, always, and forever. The Americana set is embossed with spirit, united, one nation, USA, justice, and free. We use Grade 2 Braille where necessary to save space.

$65.00 for a set of six