The Love Always and Forever Set

Photo of brass/lavender set, necklace, bracelet, and earrings
Photo of the aluminum and blue agate variation, all three pieces
Photo of the copper and rose quartz variation of Love Always and Forever set
A jewelry vignette that tells the story of your love! In Part One, you declare your ardor with our beautiful heart pendant that says “I love you,” in grade 2 braille. The necklace features a cluster of opaque gems and metal accents that cascade from the toggle clasp, right up front, setting off the gleaming heart charm. In Part 2, you solidify the sentiment by decorating her with our dangle heart earrings that promise “always,” in contracted braille on one earring, and “forever,” in contracted braille on the other. The earrings coordinate with the pendant, as they feature the same semi-precious gems, adding movement and color right next to her beautiful face. Finally, you’ll wrap up the saga with a stunning bead dangle charm bracelet that wraps around her wrist to remind her you will love her always. Opaque gemstone beads make a colorful fringe all along the length of the chain, with a heart charm at one end, embossed with “always” in grade 2 braille. Secures with a toggle clasp. The conclusion? It’s definitely a match made in heaven! The bracelet is only available in this set, so when you want the “wow” gift that says it all, this is the one to get. Available in three different color stories: Brass with lavender mountain jade beads and brass accents, copper with rose quartz beads and copper accents, and aluminum with blue agate beads and hematite accents. Necklace, approx 18 inches long, approx 20 inches overall including the pendant and toggle clasp, which is worn in front. Pendant, approx 1-1/3 inches at the widest point. Earrings feature a stainless steel, hypo-allergenic leverback closure, and are approx 1-1/4 inches long. Charm, approx 1 inch wide. Bracelet, approx 7-1/2 inches long overall, charm, approx 1 inch wide.

$125.00 for all three

Zippity-Do-Dot Zipper Pulls Set

Photo of brass zipper pull on zipper

Zippity-Do-Dot Zipper Pulls Set

Photo of brass disc zipper pull

Zippity-Do-Dot Zipper Pulls Set

Here’s how to wear our pretty Braille embossed charms in a way other than as a piece of jewelry. Zipper pulls! We offer sets of two, one set in brass with a gold tone clasp, and a set of two in aluminum with a silver tone clasp. Each charm is attached to the clasp with a ring, and they are strong enough to be used as pulls for zippers on jackets, backpacks, baby bags, purses, or just about anywhere. The clasp snaps through the hole at the end of a typical metal zipper, making it easier to grab, and lending a sweet sense of style to whatever you attach them to. The gold tone/brass sets are already embossed, but the aluminum sets are completely blank, ready for personalization. The charms are all about 1 inch at the widest point, and we can fit 4 Braille cells on each. If you select the custom option, be sure to fill in the edit field with your preferred word or initials. What a great “just because,,” gift or treat for your favorite Braille reader. We love these fun zipper pulls! Choose from the options below, as follows:

Goldtone/brass sets:
Butterfly/flower, Braille embossed with “dream/cherish”
Heart/heart, Braille embossed with “always/forever”
Leaf/leaf, Braille embossed with “spirit/hope”
Guitar pick/star, Braille embossed with “rock/star”

Silvertone/aluminum sets: Please specify up to 4 letters
Guitar pick/guitar pick
Steel mini dog tag/steel mini dog tag

$20.00 set of two

The Techlace

Photo of the Techlace
This is the Elegant Insights version of wearable technology! It’s a piece of jewelry that can be worn by both men and women that also happens to sport a USB flash drive! The necklace chain is a large, heavy, tightly linked stainless steel cable chain that is diamond cut for sparkle. Hanging from the toggle clasp, worn in front, is a steel mini dog tag embossed with your choice of words which, if you like, can identify what might be contained on the drive, such as “docs,” or “code.” Or, choose fun techie words like “geek,” or “gamer,” or simply, “tech.” We can also custom emboss a 4 cell word if you prefer. Alongside the Braille embossed tag is a tiny, functioning 8 GB USB flash drive. It looks like a charm, it blends right into the design, as it has a shiny steel finish. The drive is so small you would be hard-pressed to imagine it a piece of tech, as it looks like a silver-toned postage stamp, it is that small. The tag and the flash drive are connected, and both hang from the toggle clasp. The entire pendant is removable so that you can use the drive without removing the necklace. When you have finished with the drive, what better place to keep it safe than around your neck? Simply clip the drive and tag back onto the toggle ring, and await the compliments. It’s a necklace, it’s a bit of tech…We call it the Techlace! Can you stand it? Available in an 18 or 22 inch chain length, overall length with pendant is approximately 20 or 24 inches, respectively.

$75.00 each

The Instant message ID Bracelet

Photo of all 3 choices, here, the brass and aluminum/steel options are left blank, the copper bracelet is embossed with "strength."
Tell us what you want to say, and we’ll place your message on a classic, ID style plaque. Choose all brass, all copper, or steel chain with aluminum plaque. We can fit 6 cells on the ID tag, we’ll use Grade 2 Braille to save space, if needed. Brass plaque with brass chain and toggle clasp, copper plaque with copper chain and toggle clasp, aluminum plaque with stainless steel chain and toggle clasp. Chain, approx. 4mm wide, plaque approx. 1-3/4 inches long by approx 1/2 inch wide. Fits an average wrist, overall length is about 7 inches long. A simple design, but with the Elegant Insights tactile touch!

$40.00 each

Mark Your Spot custom Bookmark

Photo of 2 line bookmark, this one embossed with a quote by Mark Twain.
Make a special gift even more unique with customization! Create a meaningful message in either brass or copper. We’ll emboss up to 2 lines of up to 16 Braille cells for a gift that is sophisticated and personal. Consider using Grade 2 Braille to conserve space, and don’t forget to include punctuation, spaces, or any special characters such as the numbers sign or capital letter dot six. We will add a cord and bead embellishment that will be long enough to drape over the book cover or binding. Our custom Mark Your Spot bookmarks are the perfect gift for teachers, book lovers, or for the person who has everything. In the photo above, we embossed the famous quote by Mark Twain: “Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see.” Timeless wisdom, and a gorgeous gift.

$30.00 each

Heart and Soul Earrings

Photo of Heart and Soul Earrings
Similar to our “Always and Forever” earrings, these pretty geometric hearts feature the word “heart” on one earring, “soul” on the other, embossed in Grade 2 Braille. One of the choices showcases the contrast of copper and brass, as the embossed charms are in copper, and hanging alongside, a tiny brass padlock and key charm. The other choice is all one metal tone, with both heart and padlock and key charms in bright, shiny brass. Hearts, approximately 1 inch wide, earrings overall length about 1-1/2 inches.

$25.00 pair

Mark Your Spot Bookmark

Braille brainiac bookmarks - copper and brass
Our incredible metal bookmarks are a brilliant combination of beauty and practicality. Each measures 6 inches long by about 1 inch wide, with a leather cord terminating in a bead embellishment to drape over the book cover or binding. We offer several already embossed with either “Braille brainiac,” “reading rocks,” “world’s best teacher,” and “got dots?” Want to create your own message? We offer a completely customizable version. Just search for the Mark Your Spot Custom Bookmark, or scroll further on this page. Our Mark Your Spot Bookmarks are the perfect gift for that tough to buy for person who has everything!


The Always and Forever Earrings

Photo of copper heart earrings with rose quartz beads.
Photo of all three choices, Always and Forever earrings, side by side

These unique earrings feature the word “always,” embossed in Grade 2 Braille, on one earring, and the word “forever,” embossed in Grade 2 Braille on the other. These earrings were inspired by a famous painting that depicted a woman seated in front of her vanity mirror, wearing mismatched earrings. These hearts are our “Tiffany style,” with the arch joining the shoulders of the heart. You can choose from three different colorways, now available in aluminum heart charms with blue agate beads, and our classic brass heart charms with lavender jade beads, or copper heart charms with rose quartz beads.

$25.00 pair

The Conversation Hearts Bracelet

Photo of Conversation Hearts Bracelet

Conversation Hearts bracelet
Remember those sweet candy hearts we loved at Valentine’s Day when we were kids? Our mixed metals charm bracelet features five heart-shaped charms, each with a little love note. Sayings include, “Kiss me,” “I’m yours,” “Love you” and others. Or, suggest your own. Features 8.9mm bold cable chain and pastel shades of rose quartz and lavender jade beads, and white Swarovski ™ pearl beads Mixed copper and brass charms, each approx 1.3 inches wide at widest point. This bracelet is a big, bold statement, not for those who prefer demure jewelry!

$75.00 each

The “I Love You” Necklace

Photo of 5 necklaces
Photo of heart pendant in aluminum, close up to show off our crisp, readable, Braille! Photo of all three I Love You necklace choices, hanging together >
When you don’t know what else to say, this necklace does all the talking. With “I love you” embossed in Grade 2 Braille on a large heart pendant, this necklace says it all. The pendant is approximately 1.3 inches wide at the widest point, and you can choose a brass heart with lavender jade beads, a copper heart with rose quartz beads, or our newest addition, a stainless steel chain with an aluminum heart and blue agate beads. the toggle is worn in front, and the pendant along with our signature cascade of beads and embellishments hang from the toggle ring. Copper chain, about 18 inches long, 5.9mm wide.