Touch of Metallic Purse Charm

Photo of goldtones purse charm
Photo of gunmetal purse charm
Photo of silvertones purse charm
Do you love to add girly bling to your bag? Our fun metal purse charms have the Elegant Insights tactile touch. We use jewelry chain and upscale clasps that look fabulously fashionable, yet are easy to remove for using on another handbag. With metal colors to match most purse hardware, we know you’ll love to collect our very pretty purse charms. We use Swarovsky (TM) pearl beads, glittering aluminum, hematite, opaque gemstone, and brass beads, charms, crystals and textured embellishments for sparkle and shine.

Choose silvertone with a shiny silver tone clasp, cool-toned platinum and white beads and embellishments, gunmetal with a gunmetal clasp, deep gray and hematite beads and embellishments, or gold/brass with a gold tone clasp, bright gold-toned pearl and white beads and embellishments. Charms include: Gold tones version, brass butterfly embossed with “hope,” or brass heart embossed with “love,” aluminum disc embossed with “laugh,” for the gunmetal choice, or, for the cool silver tones choice, a mini dog tag in stainless steel embossed with “truth,” or in white, embossed with “diva.” Charm, approx. 1 inch. Overall length is approximately 6 inches.

$25.00 each

Custom Touch Purse Charm

Photo of custom purse charms we made for a bridal party, featuring green aventurine gemstone and white beads, steel dog tags.
Photo of custom purse charm featuring gunmetal, purple, and hematite beads, square charm embossed with customer name.
Photo of custom purse charm with platinum faux pearl beads, baby stars and large star charm at bottom.
Photo of several custom purse charms in assorted styles.
We offer a wide variety of charms, beads, and pretty embellishments to stir your creative imagination. Ask us about a custom design made just for you to wear or share. Our beautiful purse charms make great gifts for a bridal party, girlfriend-gifts, or any time you want to create a theme gift for a special occasion or special someone. Each purse charm showcases a predominant color plus a silvertone or goldtone clip and accents, or you can choose a variation on our themes. All of our purse charms are hand-crafted, as are all of our products, so no two will be exactly alike. To get your design ideas on our drawing board, select the item below, then send us a note via the edit field with details about your design, along with your preferred contact info. We’ll either call or write to discuss your ideas and confirm specifics.

$30.00 Each

Touch of Color Purse Charms

href=””>Photos of Pink, Purple, and Rose purse charms

Touch of Purple Purse Charm

Touch of Rose Purse Charm
Photo of Touch of Blue purse charm
When you want to play up the shades of an outfit or handbag, choose one of our purse charms in living color. Each of our choices has a style profile all their own, and can be easily switched to other bags to match the season, your mood or an outfit.

The Touch of Rose choice features a gold tone clasp, faux pearl beads in a rose gold shade, genuine rose quartz beads, dark rose crystals, and brass embellishments. The brass flower charm is embossed with “cherish.” The Touch of Purple choice features a silver tone clasp, lavender faux pearl beads, genuine amethyst and lavender jade beads, crystals in a tanzanite shade, and sparkly embellishments. The charm is a steel mini dog tag embossed with “posh.” The Touch of Blue choice features a silver tone clasp, light blue faux pearl beads, genuine blue lace agate beads, shimmery blue crystals, and bright blue glittery embellishments. At the bottom is a steel mini dog tag embossed with “truth.” Finally, the Touch of Pink choice features a silver tone clasp, light pink faux pearl beads, genuine rose quartz gemstone beads, light pink crystals, and shimmering pink aluminum beads and embellishments. Here, we’ve used a white mini dog tag embossed with “diva.”

$25.00 each

Celestial Touch Purse Charm

Photo of Celestial Touch Purse Charm
Want to give her the sun, moon and stars? Now you can with our heavenly purse charm. Black and white Swarovski pearl beads represent the cosmos, deep space and far-flung spacial objects, glittering hematite stars, a silvery crescent moon, a North Star to guide the way, and to finish the story, a sweet sun dances at the bottom, embossed in Grade 2 Braille with the word “shine.”

$25.00 each