Ordering, shipping, & FAQs

Custom items and personalization

Once you find a piece of jewelry or an accessory item that you love, you’ll have several choices to make when ordering. You can choose from a variety of charm shapes, metals, color options, and initials or words desired. You can even choose from Grade 1 or Grade 2 Braille. See our FAQ for more info on Grades 1 and 2 Braille embossing. You may also want to specify whether or not you want us to use punctuation or special symbols for your embossing. For example, if it is important to you that a name is spelled with the capital letter dot, please make note of this in the edit field provided for customizable items. The customization options are presented as you select each item, such as metal color or charm shape, and personalization options such as Braille characters can be specified after the item is added to the shopping cart.

Important information for screen reader users

When you select an item that can be personalized, your customization information will be entered and saved in the shopping cart. After you click “add to cart,” you will be taken to the shopping cart page, at which point you will be presented with an edit box into which you can type your personalization preferences. There is a limited amount of space for data entry, so if you need to make more comments, please use the accessible contact form. After you enter your data, click the “save” button. this does not complete your purchase. This simply saves the data you entered. The page will reload, and you can then tab to either the “continue shopping,” or the “checkout” button. The site allows for tab or header navigation, but if you have any difficulty with the shopping cart or other pages, we will be happy to handle your order via phone or email. We want our products to be accessible in the truest sense!

Review your order

Review your order before completing your purchase. If you have any questions about a product, please feel free to fill out the accessible contact form. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can. Please also review our return policy, as we do not give cash refunds for our products.


We use Pay Pal as our preferred shopping cart. That way, your information is protected. We do not collect any of your personal financial information, nor do we sell, rent, lease, trade or carelessly give away your purchase data. We want you all to ourselves! However, if you are concerned about privacy, please read our privacy policy, as some aggregate data is collected for the purpose of maintaining our gateway services, such as new product notifications, order verifications and shipping confirmations. We value our privacy, and in turn we value yours. Since we do use outside services such as Pay Pal, you may want to review their policies for information on how they conduct their business. We trust Pay Pal, they are our exclusive payment system. You do not need to have a Pay Pal account to pay with Pay Pal.


We ship using USPS Priority Mail with delivery confirmation for your satisfaction and protection. Our flat rate for domestic shipping is $8.00 for everything that will fit in the standard 8-5/8 inch x 5-3/8 inch by 1-5/8 inch box, up to 10 items. You will receive an email notice with the tracking number as soon as we complete our packaging of your custom jewelry items. International orders will be shipped Priority Mail at rates determined by location. Express delivery is also available for an extra fee.

Share the love and save!

Take advantage of our domestic flat rate shipping. Get a bunch of your friends together and place a group order, and as long as we can fit it into the box, going to one address, we’ll only charge you $8.00. That’s $8.00 for 1 item, $8.00 for 3 items, $8.00 for 5 items…Up to 10 items. As long as we can get it into the box without risking damage to your purchase, we’ll do our best to save you money on shipping.

International shipping

We will gladly ship your order to any destination you like, but the bottom line is, shipping outside the United States is expensive. We’ve shipped orders to the UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, and we’ll be happy to ship to you or to your gift recipient. There is a chance, though, that some countries may impose a VAT or import tax, and you or your gift recipient will be responsible for paying that fee. if you would like for us to ship outside the United States, please make your selections from the web site, then use the contact form to let us know of your wishes. We can send you a Pay Pal invoice manually, and include the proper shipping charges, once we learn what they are. Each country is different. You will also be asked to pay handling charges of $5.00 on top of the shipping rate, so as to cover the costs of extra packaging and paperwork. This can become prohibitively expensive, so we recommend that you get your friends together, pool an order, and share the costs. We wish we could make international shipping less burdensome, but we will do all we can to accommodate your needs. Due to the delays that may be caused by customs, inspections, and long travel time, we cannot guarantee an expected arrival date for your purchase. However, if you are willing to incur the costs of a door-to-door guaranteed courier service, we can use a shipper such as FedEx, if you like. Please select the “International orders and shipping” link on the Elegant Insights home page for more information, or use the contact form and select “to place an international order” from the drop-down box. Thank you for your understanding.

Delivery time

Because the Elegant Insights product line is entirely hand crafted, hand embossed and hand finished, please allow 3 – 4 weeks for delivery. We’d rather under-promise and over-deliver than to disappoint you when we know you are anxiously awaiting your purchase. We promise to do our very best to get it to you sooner. However, we’re perfectionists here at Elegant Insights, and we care very much about creating quality products that you’ll love. Custom orders can take longer, especially if we do not have specially requested supplies and components on hand. Please alert us as to any date-sensitive delivery when placing your order.

Holiday ordering

The date at which we can no longer accept custom orders for Christmas delivery is December 1st. We want to be absolutely certain your order arrives in plenty of time, and due to the increased volume during the holidays, we need to get special requests in as early as possible. Of course, after December 1st, you can still place an order for any of our in-stock merchandise. For other holidays, we recommend that you place your order at minimum two weeks prior to the date on which you want to receive the item. We cannot be held responsible for items that are lost or delayed in shipping.

Below, you can find a list of the most frequently asked questions, along with the answers. As always, please don’t’ hesitate to contact us.

Where do the materials used to make my jewelry come from?

Unless otherwise specified, all of our jewelry is made in the USA. However, not every jewelry component used is manufactured in the USA. For example, even though we buy our leather products from a U.S. vendor, he cannot guarantee that the animals weren’t at some point wandering elsewhere! We go out of our way to source materials manufactured in the U. S. and we’ll be sure to bring it to your attention in the product description if any significant component is made outside the U. S.

How do I care for the materials used in my jewelry?

Most gentle jewelry cleaners work just fine. You can also use a soft polishing cloth, such as an old t-shirt or lint-free towel. since brass, copper and silver patina over time, you will notice that the metal takes on a beautiful luster that enhances the look. You can use a brass polishing liquid to shine up the charms, if you wish, but frequent polishing may interfere with the sharpness or integrity of the Braille dots, thereby reducing the readability. If you purchase a product which combines metals and leather, we do not recommend submerging the leather. This will either stain or alter the dyes used to color the leather, and it can cause the leather to degrade. remember, leather is a natural material, and should it need to be cleaned, take it to a professional leather cleaner. .

Am I required to choose Braille letter embossing?

No. If you like, you can ask that a charm be left blank. As you make your selection, you will see that a few choices are available, such as the number of letters desired, the use of Grade 1 or Grade 2 Braille, and a few options with no Braille. If you want a blank charm instead of the choices listed, we will handle your request via phone or email.

How many Braille letters will fit on a charm?

That depends upon the size of the charm. Each item does have a limit as to how many cells we can fit and still make the Braille readable. Each item description will contain a note about the space available, although your choice of Grade 2 Braille may allow for more letters. See the question below. Typically, we can emboss 4 cells per inch.

Do you use Grade 1 or Grade 2 Braille?

By default, we use Grade 2 Braille. However, we want to give you the option to state your preference. fluent Braille readers will likely prefer Grade 2, but children or new Braille readers might prefer Grade 1. Using Grade 2 Braille saves space where the number of cells available is limited. If you have a longer name, or want to use a longer word, choosing Grade 2 will ensure your message can be embossed in full. When ordering, be sure to make your selection of either Grade 1 or Grade 2 from the menu. Please specify if you wish for us to include the capital letter dot for a proper name. This must be taken into consideration when choosing your charm. While the name “Jess” fits on a 1-inch charm, “Jess,” with the capital letter dot, will not fit.

What does “Grade 1” or “Grade 2” Braille mean?

There are several forms of Braille, and the names “Grade 1” and “Grade 2” have nothing to do with grades in school. Grade 1 Braille is the “long form” of Braille where each letter needed is used to complete a word. Grade 2 Braille is a form of contracted Braille, whereby certain common letter pairs or common words are written in a shorthand. For example, in Grade 1 Braille, the name “Chris” would be spelled out in five letter characters. In Grade 2 Braille, the same name would be contracted, so that the common letter pair “ch” would be combined into a single character representing both letters. Therefore, in grade 2 Braille, “Chris” would be reduced to just four Braille characters.
Other common letter pairs include double letters such as “bb,” or “ff,” as well as letters typically used in sequence such as “ch,” “th,” “ed,” and “or.” Some common short words are also contracted, such as the word, “the,” or “and.” Both of these words can be reduced to a single Braille character representing the entire word.

I’m giving my jewelry purchase as a gift. If they don’t like it, can they return it?

Due to the personalization on our charms, we cannot offer a cash refund. However, we want our customers to be happy, and we’ll gladly exchange it for something they might prefer, if it is of equal value to the item returned. Please review our return policy for more details. In the event we make a mistake, which can sometimes happen, we will replace the item with a corrected one.

How is the jewelry packaged?

We don’t always know if our customers are buying for themselves or as a gift, but even if you are buying for yourself, it should look like a gift! Our jewelry and accessories are placed in a fabric jewelry bag that you can use to store your items in so as to keep them scratch-free, or to present as a gift. We also include a business card, so your gift recipient will know your gift came from Elegant Insights. We are working on ways to offer a limited selection of Braille note cards, so in the future you will be able to ask us to tuck in a little love note.

Can I make a product suggestion?

Absolutely! We are interested in your suggestions, and you can use our accessible contact form to share your thoughts. We’ll do our best to make it happen.


We will not sell, rent, trade, loan, share, disclose, or otherwise make available to anyone at any time your personal information. We’re keeping you all to ourselves! We value our own privacy, and we respect yours.


At Elegant Insights, we work hard to craft beautiful, handmade jewelry and accessories that are unique and enduring. However, due to the handcrafted nature of our assembly, stamping and finishing work, sometimes inconsistencies can occur. We are, after all, not machines, nor do we use any in the creation of our products.

We want you to be happy, and if you are not satisfied, we will do all we can to make it right.

We do not offer cash refunds for our jewelry, since most are personalized. However, if you are not pleased with your purchase, you may exchange it for another product of equal value, or receive a store credit. When ordering, please carefully review your order before you continue to the payment screen. check to see if the initials, quantities and other preferences are all correct before you complete the transaction. If we make a mistake filling your order, we will fix it promptly. We carefully examine each piece before we lovingly package our products and ship them. if a product has been damaged in shipping, please let us know and we will replace it with the identical product once we receive the damaged item. We will repair any item at no charge for up to 90 days after purchase. Just write or call, and we’ll take good care of you.

Elegant Insights values your feedback. Tell us what you think! Drop us a note to let us know how much you love our jewelry. We want to earn your trust, and your repeat business!


Terms Of Use

We’re not sure what to write here, but the upshot is that by using our site, you are giving us permission to sell you jewelry. Don’t be mean to us. Insert legal mumbo-jumbo here. Thank you.